English for Speakers of Other Languages

12. Manage Conversations & Participate in Discussions

Level: Intermediate

Corresponding State Language Forms


At the end of this language function, students will be able to...

  • Practice formal and informal social courtesies
  • Interact in everyday conversations with peers and adults
  • Exchange personal information and experiences
  • Extend, accept or decline an invitation
  • Discuss an event
  • Express an idea or opinion

Sample Language Patterns:

Practice formal and informal social courtesies:
  • I would like you to meet…
  • I want you to meet…
    • I’m happy to meet you.
    • It’s a pleasure to meet you.
  • It would be a pleasure to….
  • Would you please…
  • I’d be glad to.
  • Yes, of course.
  • Goodbye.
  • It was good seeing you.
  • It was good to see you.
  • It was nice talking to/with you.
  • I hope you have a good weekend/vacation/etc…
Interact in everyday conversations with peers and adults:
  • How long have you…?
  • Have you…?
  • How about you?
  • Have you ever….?
  • When was the last time you ….?
Exchange personal information and experiences:
  • How long…
  • …___ (past participle) since/ for…
  • Have you…?
  • Not yet, but…
  • I have already …..
Extend, accept or decline an invitation:
  • Do you mind if….
  • Let me see if…
  • Let’s take turns.
  • You go first.
  • Can I go…
  • Would you like to…
  • What about…?
  • Any suggestions?
Discuss an event:
  • Who is going to be there?
  • Who will be there?
  • Where is ___ going to be?
  • When/Where will ___ be?
  • When is ___ going to be?
Express an idea or opinion:
  • Can I say / add something?
  • I have an idea about…
  • Have you thought about…?
  • Is that ok with you?
    • Do you agree?
    • Yes, I agree___.
  • Not really, I think ___
  • I have a different idea.
  • I’m not sure.
  • Yes, I think ___.
  • My idea is similar, but ___.
  • I agree with ___, but/although I don’t agree with ___.
  • I disagree.
  • I’m not sure.
  • May I interrupt?
  • May I ask a question?
  • Let me ask you a question.
  • Have you ever been ___?
  • How long have you ___?
  • Have you seen…?
  • How long have you…?