English for Speakers of Other Languages

14. Ask & Answer Clarifying & Informational Questions

Level: Intermediate

Corresponding State Language Forms

Who, what, where why questions with do or did.

Formulate questions clarifying classroom procedures, rules and routines.

At the end of this language function, students will be able to...

  • Formulate and answer questions about text or content
  • Ask personal information questions
  • Ask for directions
  • Ask clarifying questions

Sample Language Patterns:

Formulate Questions about text or content:
  • Who is (are/was/were ___?)
  • What is…?
  • When is…?
  • Where is…?
  • Why is…?
  • How is…?
  • Can do/does/can ___?
    • What do/does/did/can…?
    • When…?
    • Where…?
    • Why…?
    • How…?
    • How often…?
    • How long…?
Ask personal Information questions:
  • How do you spell ___?
  • What do you like to be called?
  • How many brothers and sisters do you have?
  • How many are there…?
  • How did you get here?
  • How told you…?
  • Where did you come from?
Ask for directions:
  • I’m supposed to go to the ___? Where is it?
  • Where is the ___?
  • How do I get to the ___?
  • Where are the ___?
  • Where can I find the ___?
  • Where do I turn?
  • How far do I go?
  • How far is the ____ from the ____?
  • Which way do you want me to go?
Ask clarifying questions:
  • What does the word ___ mean?
  • What do you mean by____?
  • I didn’t hear. Can you tell me again?
  • I couldn’t hear you. Can you tell me again?
  • What are/were they going to do?
  • What are/were we supposed to do?
  • I don’t understand. Can you tell me again?
  • I’m confused. Could you explain again?
  • What page are we on? Are we on page___?
  • Is this OK?
  • Is my/his/her/ our/their ___ OK?
  • Do I need something else?