English for Speakers of Other Languages

23. Explain Needs, Feelings, Opinions & Thoughts

Level: Early Advanced/Advanced

Corresponding State Language Forms

In my opinion ___ should ___ because/so ___.

Complex sentences using modals and clauses.

Get across important points using declarative, compound and complex sentence, regular and irregular verb forms.

Complex: As I came home, I stopped at the store.

Compound: The children who came in early had refreshments, but those who came late had none.

Adverb of manner: The children who sang loudly get a cookie, but those who didn’t sing had none.

At the end of this language function, students will be able to...

  • Compliment or complain
  • Negotiate solutions
  • Express and support ideas or opinions
  • Give reasons to explain a physical condition

Sample Language Patterns:

Compliment or complain:
  • That’s such a ___ because/so ___.
  • I really appreciate ___.
Negotiate Solutions:
  • I wouldn’t like ___ because ___. So___.
  • I am/was feeling ___ when you ___, so/but ___.
  • I’ll get ___ if you ___.
  • I have been feeling __ every time you ___.
  • I’ll get ___ if I ___.
  • Every time you ___, I feel ___.
Express and support ideas or opinions:
  • I would like to propose…
  • Do you think it is____ to ____?
  • I understand what you are saying, however I believe…
  • I agree with you…(but…)
  • That is a wonderful idea.
  • I propose that we should…
  • It might behoove us to…
  • I think…
  • We should…
  • We ought to…
Give reasons to explain a physical condition:
  • It was so _____ that ____.
  • It took _____ before/after we ___.
  • As he/she it didn’t ___, it was necessary to___.
  • He/she/it ____ (verb) so that____.
  • The ____ (noun) who/that/which____