English for Speakers of Other Languages

F. Home & Family

Level: Newcomer

At the end of this topic, students will be able to...

  • Name immediate family members and titles
  • Describe people (physical characteristics and personality)
  • Name rooms in a house or apartment
  • Identify various types of furniture
  • Uses basic prepositions of space

Sample Language Patterns:

  • Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, etc… (family names)
  • Mr., Miss, Ms., Mrs., Dr.
  • She is… (tall, short,…)
  • He has…(long hair, brown hair,…)
  • I’m shy …..(nice, friendly, energetic,…)
  • I live in a house. (…an apartment)
  • There is/are… (five rooms, one bathroom, two bedrooms)
  • Where is …?
  • Furniture vocabulary
  • In, on, under, over, inside, outside,… (The table is in the dining room.)