English for Speakers of Other Languages

Newcomers: What to Expect

Forms & Functions

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  • Student understands some isolated words that sound like those from their native language.
  • Words that English has borrowed from their native language
  • Words that are used often in social contexts, such as “hello” and “good bye”
  • The student has essentially no ability to comprehend even short utterances.
  • A newcomer student is able to copy or transcribe familiar words or phrases
  • She can reproduce some of those words and phrases from memory.
  • Writing skills are limited to the sentence level.
  • A newcomer is able to recognize the symbols of the alphabet
  • He can occasionally identify isolated words and phrases when strongly supported by context.
  • Vocabulary is sufficient only for handling simple, elementary needs and basic courtesies.
  • She uses frequent long pauses.
  • Oral production consists of isolated words and perhaps a few high-frequency phrases.